The Southern Roses Story.

Hello, we are Geert van de Laak and Wilma Verhaegh. We arrived from the Netherlands in January 2007 to start a new adventure here in Southland, NZ called Southern Roses. Prior to this, we ran a rose nursery in the Netherlands for eight years. Our decision to move to New Zealand was mainly driven by the opportunities available to fulfil our business and lifestyle dreams and goals. In the Netherlands, we specialised in growing rose bushes, standard roses, standard willows, and some conifers for export. However, we never knew where our products ended up as a middleman who handled all of the sales to overseas stores.

Here in New Zealand, we have brought with us our knowledge and passion for growing while getting to sell our roses directly to our business, retail, and export customers.

Our business is built on providing quality and service, and we believe that a good-looking, high-quality product is essential. As we like to say, "We are always growing."

We are thrilled to be living and growing our roses here in beautiful Southland, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect rose for your garden.

-Geert and Wilma

Visit Our Garden.

We love to welcome visitors to our established Rose Garden (1 hectares), home to almost 300 varieties. Please feel free to contact us about booking a visit and enjoy a cup of coffee in the middle of our picturesque roses.

Why choose us?

The Southern Roses difference.


Over 20 years of experience growing high-quality & beautiful roses for gardens across the country.


We are proud suppliers to well-known household names in gardening across the country.


Grown in the stunning Southland region of New Zealand, our roses are grown with Southern sturdiness!


We grow almost 300 different varieties of roses, so you can be sure we have the perfect option for every garden.


We are the only nursery in NZ to grow roses on seedling root-stock.